Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conference Weekend & March

Two days ago, April 2nd, marked the one year anniversary of when I got engaged! It's crazy that it feels so long ago when time seems to be flying by. I've been married for almost 8 months (on the 12th) and it's been nothing but bliss! Well, besides school and work always getting in the way of "us" time. But that's the price you pay as a newlywed college student :) Isn't he so cute?

This past weekend we went down to St. George to visit Loren's family. Unfortunately, I hardly ever take pictures when I'm there. We did fun things, I just didn't document all of them. Poo. Well after we got there, we had some lunch, talked for a while and then I purchased this baby!

I've been toying with the idea of getting a sewing machine since I've been in my sewing class. Luckily for me I found it on Craigslist from a woman who lived in St. George. This really worked out since we were already going to be in St. George this weekend and even better, she dropped the price so I only paid $40 for it! My mother-in-law Patty came with me to the woman's house to make sure it was a decent machine for the price and she approved. This alone made the trip down there great! But there was more fun to come with the Stones :) Later that night we got Thai food--yuuuuummmmy!! The options for dinner were Mexican or Asian cuisine. That's basically like choosing between my dad and my mom; and that's a tough choice. We decided to go to Benja's Thai (& sushi bar) restaurant that I've seen plenty of times but just never went. Thank you for the date night, Patty and Dan, it was delish!

Saturday, we had "Waffles and Apostles"! We had a waffle breakfast before we watched General Conference to listen to the words of our beloved Apostles and Prophet Thomas S. Monson. You can check it out here. After we watched the first 2 sessions, the men went off to watch the Priesthood session while the girls went shopping! Then the guys joined us for Cold Stone ice cream--great way to end the day!

Sunday was great too! More good talks and yummy food. We even got our taxes done--woot woot!! Unfortunately we have a leak in our radiator so we couldn't leave as early as we wanted. Even worse, we left late and ran into some bad weather :( First it was just super fast wind, then some rain, then swirling snow! Legitimately swirling right at us. It was so distracting. We barely made it 30 mins out of town when we decided to return to the Stone home in fear that we'd get into an accident. When we left the next morning, this is the beauty we were greeted with, on our engagement anniversary!

Visit southern Utah and check out the red rock!

In other news, during the previous weeks, we went to a Vocal Point concert!! Last semester I was obsessed with the tv show The Sing-Off so it was so fun to see these guys in concert! It kinda stunk because some of the guys from the group on the tv show were no longer in the group. But they still sounded great! Here's a picture I wasn't allowed to take...oh well.

And we also went to Tucanos to celebrate my birthday. That's a fun little tradition we've got going on. They have a birthday club where it's a BOGO free meal deal. That makes for a happy (and fat) couple :)

Another time we babysat my nieces. Here's an adorable picture of Katelyn, where you can also check out my new bangs :)

For St. Patrick's day, we had Mexican food, not corned beef and cabbage. My full Irish grandfather must've been disappointed in me that day. But we discovered our new favorite Mexican restaurant, called "El Azteca"! We ate yummy green lime and cilantro chicken enchiladas and amazing green horchata! Even better, they have a salsa bar with a sweet but slightly spicy salsa--mmmmm! 

Shamrock crispy--how festive

Well, those are our adventures. Until next time!