Monday, March 14, 2011

Even Better

What's better than a birthday? A birthday weekend! My birthday was pretty uneventful. I just went to school all day, did baptisms at the temple then went grocery shopping. Unfortunately, Loren had to work til close so I didn't have any plans with him. Luckily I have some cool roommates and they took me out to Spark, a fun swanky lounge that serves non-alcoholic drinks :)

Me, Ashli and Kayla--Double berry and kiwi martinis

But after we got home, Loren was waiting to deliver these beautiful roses! I'm so lucky to have him!

On Friday, I only had an 8am class and the rest of the day I was freee! So Loren and I made yummy crepes and went on a hike. We tried Stewart Falls up around Aspen Grove but it was still under heavy snow, so we went to Bridal Veil Falls instead.

See how happy we are? Even with the detour to our plans

We packed a lunch and found a sweet spot onlooking the falls. See!

It's called the Love Shack!
It's seriously gross inside but it's a nice place to lay your blanket down and enjoy the sun :)

Here are some other pictures from our adventure...

This rock looks like an alligator, huh?

We had to take this picture but I think we're still cute and hey, we got the falls in it

After that picture someone offered to take this for us, yay!

And here's my favorite! Hehehe

Pretending to slip on, but really trying to break, the ice

After our hike, we got ready to go to Loren's mission trainer's wedding reception.

This was after he and his new wife cut the cake and shared it...the messy way ;)

Then we practically flew back to Provo to make it to our reservation at the best restaurant in town--TUCANOS!

Mmmm...full bellies ^_^

Saturday, the two of us just hung around the apartment, made food, did whatever until he had to go to work. I had a really lazy day but had to get ready for my birthday party that my BFF Candice threw for me! We had mocktails which were delish! But my favorite feature of the event, by far, was the CUPCAKES!!

She's amazing! She made a red velvet w/cherry filling, lemon w/lemon filling, chocolate w/chocolate filling and my favorite--chocolate w/raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting w/ a strawberry on top ^_^

The party didn't last all night and didn't include a lot of people, just good, close friends, but that's all I needed! I had a lot of fun and appreciate all the effort that was put into it! Here are some other pictures of the night:

Jordan, Ashli, and Phil

This is a fave. My roommate Kayla and her fiance Dave

This is my "oh you're taking a picture of me? Sure thing! This gives me a chance to show off my inner dork!"

Playing the animal game. Everyone has a sign and you pass "it" around clapping a certain rhythm. Sorta hard to explain but fun and easy to play. You just slap your legs a lot doing it.

Gotta have a shot of blowing out the cups of cake :)

And one of the gang! I like the personality in it

P.S. Loren had to close for work again (super lame) but came later to the party. I just failed to take a picture of us. Oh well.

Then comes Sunday. That morning was a little rough on all of us I think. It was Daylight Savings which means losing an hour of sleep--very precious to college kids! But it was such perfect weather outside that it didn't matter! And because it was so nice out, I wanted us to take some cute pictures. So I snagged my roommate Ashli and we took pictures on the temple ground. Cheesy, I know. Shush. This one is my favorite

After that, we made some cookies for the ward Break the Fast. Poor Loren had to wait in the back of the line while all the girls got to be first in getting food. Don't worry, I grabbed some extra yummies and gave it to him while he had to wait in line. I wouldn't let him go hungry. Following that, we just enjoyed the day! Visited Candice some, played foosball (we each won a game but my competitive side wasn't happy about ending on a losing note), I had to take a quiz for a class and then we said goodnight.

All in all, it was the best weekend! It was spent in good company, in the most perfect weather that I could ever dream of, and lasted for more than one measly day! Perfecto! Here's to being 22! :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

See ya later Youth!

365 days. That's how long I've been 21. It's so weird; I'm growing up! I don't want to say that I'm getting old but I feel like after 21, that's when you finally have to say goodbye to your childish ways. Maybe not...but with becoming 22 I feel like I'm embarking on a new season of my life. Graduation, trying to get into/preparing for grad school and much more! just rolls off the tongue so nicely. Oh well :)

Here's a cupcake to celebrate the last day I'll ever be 21. *sniff*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have been wanting to create a blog since this past summer. But every time that thought popped into my head, I always tossed it aside declaring that I don't really have anything to say. That isn't quite true because I can talk and talk and talk about pretty much anything...besides politics. I also thought that no one would read or comment on my posts because I'm not exceptionally witty or funny. I also used to think that blogs were only for married people and those with cute anecdotes about their kids. But who cares? It'll happen in my life eventually :) And I feel like doing this so that my family and friends across the world can keep up with my life. I'm not the best at calling people up and giving them updates so I hope they can be satisfied with this. Please say yes! :)

So yeah. This will be your conduit to my life. Enjoy!